Pick & Mix Tunnel Tap Six Pack 6 x 440ml Cans

Pick & Mix Tunnel Tap Six Pack 6 x 440ml Cans




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Dyson Blower


Lager – A refreshingly sessionable lager with citrus hints to start, followed by subtle malt notes in the finish. Lager is gluten free and suitable for vegans.


4.0% ABV


Ingredients: Water, lager malt, flaked maize, yeast, hops (simcoe & saaz)



Naming of the Beer:

Dyson was derived from the ceramics research laboratories that are a prominent structure on the outskirts of Totley. The term blower (stone blower) was taken from the maintenance machine that lifts and packs the sleepers with small grade ballast, ensuring the track is level.



Chuffed ‘T’ Bits


Bitter – A traditional bitter made using golden syrup for a hint of sweetness, amber in colour with good carbonation and a well-rounded flavour.


3.9% ABV


Ingredients: Water, malt, golden syrup, yeast, hops (first gold, admiral)


Naming of the Beer:

Yorkshire term meaning happy, combined with the sound of a train to produce a bit of a bitter.



Hope Valley Line


Pale Ale – A refreshing ale, with a crisp bitter bite combined with a gentle sweetness that comes through to balance the beer perfectly.


4.5% ABV


Ingredients: Water, malted barley, malted oats, malted wheat, yeast, hops (citra, simcoe, cascade)


Naming of the Beer:

The Trans-Pennine railway line in England that links Sheffield to Manchester. The Hope Valley Line passes through the Totley Tunnel that opened in 1893.





IPA – Light and hazy, subtle bitterness up front with a soft fruit finish


5% ABV


Ingredients: Barley, oats, hops, yeast


Naming of the Beer:

The Totley Tunnel opened in 1893 hence the name of this IPA, construction took 5 years for completion providing the importance to ensure the 5% ABV. Many areas of Totley have links to the construction of the 3.5-mile tunnel which is home to the Hope Valley Line.




Busy Bee


Raspberry Pale – Crisp and fruity, mild raspberry sweetness and aroma. Copper coloured.


4.9% ABV


Ingredients: Barley, wheat, hops, raspberry, yeast


Naming of the Beer:

Busy Bee was a former DIY Supply at 170 Baslow Road, the shop played a major part in the Totley community for many years. A commuter is classed as a busy bee, getting on a train and commuting to work, day in and day out. Bees themselves have a history of being used on the railway network. Indian railways used the sound of bees over speakers to scare away elephants preventing the magnificent creatures being hit by trains.